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Welcome to the C.V. site of Matthew Wootton. I’m currently the Innovation and Research Manager for the exciting Lancaster digital arts organisation “folly”.

Key qualities overview
Self-sufficient and motivated
Inspired by working in a creative team
Technical as well as artistic. Excited by the arts and by new technology
Passionate about arts marketing and the quality of connection with an audience
Perceptive and open-minded
Diplomatic, understanding and a negotiator
Logical, organised and precise (3 years on the Green Party’s Standing Orders Committee, with 1 year as its convener)
Sociable, personable, and a networker

Key skills overview
Knowledge of and experience in the arts sector.
Knowledge of and experience with a wide range of digital technologies, including digital art works.
Experienced manager of people, including staff (15 at one time), clients, contractors and volunteers.
Experienced project manager, having managed everything from a national political party’s General Election campaign, and the successful promotion of a major arts festival, to the restoration of a classic campervan.
Extensive experience of producing, filming and editing video and other rich media.
Experience of commissioning professional work for national TV: I have produced 3 party election broadcasts, seen by tens of millions of Britons.
Extensive experience of writing, for both copy-writing & editing, and for academic research.
Extensive experience of design, account management, printing, publishing, and distribution (including digitally).
Extensive experience as a communicator and press officer.
Experience of organising events, including many press conferences, receptions, two residential courses, and the 2008 Green Party Autumn Conference in London (I found the venue, accommodation and oversaw the timetable process and booking procedure, in my spare time).
Experience of and interest in SEO.
Extensive experience of project-managing the creation of designed web-sites, using a number of different designers and Content Management Systems (CMS):
Created by myself: - My personal blog about green and world issues (Word Press, theme modified in CSS by myself) (Drupal theme modified in CSS by myself) (in iWeb)

CV overview

November 2008 to present
Innovation and Research Manager
folly - digital arts organisation, Lancaster

Key Responsibilities:
•	Currently leading a 4-week research project that will recommend to the Board of Trustees a variety of ambitious growth scenarios to revolutionise folly’s income generation
•	Details are confidential at this stage.

January 2008 to November 2008
Communications & Marketing Co-ordinator
folly - digital arts organisation, Lancaster

Key Responsibilities:
•	folly’s brand manager and press officer
•	Overall responsibility for a number of websites, including web 2.0
•	In charge of all folly’s print, publications, publicity, PR, marketing and stakeholdership.
•	Championed folly’s commitment to video and social networking, including massively expanding folly’s Myspace presence and YouTube content, for example with this video of the VELOCITY festival (which I filmed and edited).

(all the same responsibilities of my previous role below)

September 2006 to December 2007
Communications Manager
folly - digital arts organisation, Lancaster

Key Responsibilities:
•	Led folly’s use of social networking and bookmarking tools
•	Pioneered folly’s use of video and other rich content.
•	Project-managed the creation of 
•	Oversaw the creation of web communities and
•	Led the installation of a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, Sugar CRM, including managing a volunteer developer.
•	Led the roll-out of a striking new rebranding, which included pioneering demographic market research.
•	Project-managed the design, production and distribution of 40,000 leaflets for the VELOCITY festival of digital culture, along with internet, email, poster, press, street and media campaigns.
•	Championed the strategic directions of making folly’s language more audience-friendly and of making-use of quality photography.

April to September 2006
Project Manager and Team Leader
TravelSmart Preston - a programme giving people the opportunity to walk, cycle and use public transport more, through personal contact with householders and helping them with personalised information.
Sustrans, the UK's leading sustainable transport charity

Key Responsibilities:
•	Managed 15 people in 4 teams: packing, delivery, home visiting and data entry
•	Worked with databases and statistical reports
•	Created and maintained admin and personnel systems
•	Liaised with and reported back to Lancashire County Council

October 2004 to October 2005
External Communications Co-ordinator, 
Green Party National Executive

Key Responsibilities:
•	Director of all the national Green Party’s communications
•	Green Party’s Chief Media Officer in England and Wales.
•	Manager of paid national press officer and office staffed with volunteers
•	Ran General Election media, PR and advertising campaign
•	Involved a London advertising agency (Satellite Marketing Communications) in a Green Party campaign for the first time.
•	Pioneered the use of demographics and research survey data. 
•	Brand manager of the Green Party

July 2003 to October 2004
Publications Co-ordinator 
Green Party National Executive 

Key Responsibilities:
•	Created new publications strategy in liaison with the External Communications Co-ordinator.
•	Re-branded the Green Party as the party of “Real Progress”.
•	Created new House Style, including typeface, colour palette, copywriting and photography.
•	Created suite of rebranded products including new website, leaflets, T-shirts, mugs, windmills, and 2 touring double-decker buses.
•	Ran European Election Publications process (over 50 million pieces of paper)
•	Re-hosted the Green Party’s website onto their own new   server, and establishing streaming media capabilities and own email list server (using Mailman).
Matthew LJ Wootton
Name: Matt Wootton        
Age: 33
Birthday: March 10th
Lives: Lancaster
Born: London
Occupation: Innovation and Research Manager, folly
University: University College Northampton; 2:1 Music, Philosophy and Sociology
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite TV: West Wing, Lost, Dr Who.
Favourite Music: JS Bach, Stacey Kent, Latin jazz.
Favourite Food: Green & Blacks organic chocolate
Favourite past-times: playing cello, camping, cycling in countryside, singing, photography, gym, cooking veggie stuff.
Favourite read: The Independent, The Guardian
Favourite Possession: MacBook Pro or maybe my Sony A1 pro camcorder ;-)
But really, it has to be Max,
my 1977 Type 2 Volkswagen Bay Window Campervan (soon to be converted to run on LPG!)
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