Below are some photos of my work for the national Green Party, as director of communications, including the Ice Scuplture of Tony Blair on the front of the Guardian. The strap “Real Progress” was my concept, derived from Spencer Fitz-Gibbon’s original theme of “Progress”. The Lozenge was derived from an ill-shaped “rhomb” from the European Greens, which Jim Killock deftly re-designed. Likewise, the colour palette was inspired by the website of the Swedish Greens, and the subject of many many late night discussions by Jim and I, as was the eventual choice of typeface, FF Profile, which is looking ever-more stylish and prescient.
The PR and media were mine, some of the advertising concepts are due to the advertising duo I brought in - Iain Patton and Graham Lewis at Satellite Marketing Communications - and the original branding was down to myself and to Jim Killock at The party election broadcast in my 2nd year was produced and directed by Alex Cox (MovieDrome, Sid & Nancy), and the excellent cartoons are by Brighton-based artist Julian Gibson.
My Photos
The original European rhomb/lozenge
Lozenge: my concept, Jim’s trendy design
Palette: we were inspired by the Swedish Greens
Anti-nuclear poster the day before election
Laura Trevelyan presents manifesto on BBC news
Dr Caroline Lucas MEP and Cllr Keith Taylor rally
Caroline/Keith caricature got lots of coverage
Green Party press officer Ruth Somerville
Ice Blair; my concept, help from Jim & Satellite
Darren Johnson, Caroline Lucas and Ice Blair
The ice man melts
My Pledge Card concept
Speak-no-climate-change; my concept
Keith in front of peace billboard on ad van.jpg
Green Party Election Broadcast; my concept
The Times report “People Planet Peace” theme
“Battle bikes” - my concept
Simon Hoggart sketch; serious analysis beneath
“Green Issue” of the Indy, days before election
Darren Johnson feature in the Indy
Mini Manifesto, General Election
Mini Manifesto inside
My “Day After Tomorrow” ecard, Euro Elections ‘04
Green Party Euro manifesto cover
Green Euro manifesto inside pp16,17
Green Euro manifesto inside pp14,15
Green Euro manifesto inside pp22,23
Green Euro manifesto inside pp28,29