Here are some photographs of my time in South Africa - I went to the Earth Summit in Johannesburg in 2002 as a delegate of the United Nations Association (with my then girlfriend Clare Sain-ley-Berry).  We also went to Cape Town and to Lesotho.
Africa photos
Radicals hold a meeting on night train to Joburg
Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee protest
pollution poster at Summit
Land misuse poster at Summit
penguins on map
melting penguins
kids in shantytown
squalor in Alexandria township
Clare in shantytown
little boy in shanty town
cute child
Alex street
happy faces
Matt & kids
recycling project
Alex’s poisoned water supply
My Friend With AIDS is Still My Friend
Matt and kids
Mandela poster at Robben Island museum
Matt & shark
Domestic Abuse protest
women at a school we visited
Waterful in Malealea hills
High up on the cold Malealea plateau
Farmer on horizon
Clare hated that horse
carrying firewood
boy carrying firewood
these kids were risking their necks on those cliffs
Malealea hills
at the farm
at the farm
The mighty Katse damn
The Katse damn flooded this valley
Clare at the Katse damn
willows + hills
C distrib nuts
C giving nuts to kids
kids in hills
Clare, Thato+ tins
C investigates brick making
street kids choir
Outside tin shack
women making AIDS ribbons all day
tree planting gang
river poisoned by effluent from Chinese factory
Soil erosion
at a school who hosted us
boy with mine placard
polluted river
this ex-mine was a poisonous moonscape
Crown holes opened up under people’s homes
Swedish Green MEP scopes out the scene
Matt Zulu dancing
AIDS play2
woman at work
back home